The Letters

Of Monsters and Pens (Guest Poetry)

Guest poems by Fynland Arkwood What do you get when you integrate a bright young mind with raw and honest ideas? Poetry, of course. Fynland Arkwood's poetic and diverse masterpieces are a delightfully fresh blend of intriguing prose and varied forms. She is the creator of lytelynjer, poetic pieces that deal with alternating lines of  [...]


I’ll Love Again Some Other Day

  Dear you, It has been a long wounded war! A purposeless respite from the torrent of twisted fables I know all too well. Alas, but only a year's time has left me with sundry regrets. The quill has always been close, and that is why my echoes have been inscribed here, though it seems [...]

Guess What? Someone Else has Written Your Story

Guest Post by Magdalene G. Jones I am so excited to have Magdalene G. Jones as a guest blogger! She is the fourteen-year-old author of The Scarlet Archer who has a love for typewriters and dilapidated buildings. She is an inspiration to all writers, especially young, aspiring authors. You can find more of her writing and travels on [...]

The Red Ocean

Are we mortal forever? Or immortal only for now? Are we made to be broken- When red covers us together Red, for what we are Red, immortal for now An ocean runs forever The ocean, a mortal The ocean, red The ocean - red - and made to be broken Covering us is this ocean [...]

Character Counts: The Emotional Investment

When we say we love a story, are we addressing the plot… or the characters? This is a guest post that was written for author Auden Johnson, focusing on character development.  I had the honor of guest blogging for Auden Johnson, author of The Merging Worlds series,The Jura series, and novellas, including;Visible Through Darkness, Shadows under the [...]