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“Ask the professional best-selling authors and they will tell you it takes perseverance as well as interaction with others to create polished prose. Writing is a task that requires only one individual. Writing excellent work is a task that requires more than one person.”
Rhia G. Adley, “No Writer is an Island”



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Guess what? Someone Else has Written your Story

Magdalene G. Jones 
You’re unique. Just like everybody else. (Don’t think about that one too hard)  //  May 14, 2018


“You are never, ever going to come up with a new idea! And that’s fine. Because your idea may not be unique. But you are. No one else can tell your story. Not like you. Now, does that mean you should freely use love triangles, chosen ones, or—God forbid—the prologue?
Please, no.”
Then what should you do?



The Equality of Evil

Nikolai Feinstein
For all you villain lovers out there – yes, I see you unashamedly getting excited. But what really makes your favorite master minds forces to be reckoned with? //  January 24, 2019


“You must be the epitome of both evil and good in your person when creating a story. As human beings, I believe, we have the ability to do good, but we are more naturally inclined towards evil. Nothing is more terrifying to human beings than when a fictional villain comes to life in the real world. And they come to life through your own terror.”
A villain, in you?

Guest Posts by Rhia

You are not an Island

Rhia G. Adley
So I decided to do a big adult thing;  I decided to interact with another human being.  //  March 23, 2018


“Sure, you can sit on your comfy desk chair in your robe and snuggly sweatpants in front of your painfully bright computer screen while sipping green tea and enjoying your solitude. After all, isn’t that the public image of many professional writers? All alone, hacking away at the keys, brow furrowed, concentrating only on what is before them and not around them.
That was me. And in some ways, that’s still me.”
Then I sort of kind of changed…


Character Counts: The Emotional Investment

Rhia G. Adley
For all of you who find yourselves more attracted to fictional characters than real humans, here’s why… // April 4, 2018

Feather pen and ink

“We as humans are always looking for another empathetic being we can identify with, and in stories the only source for such connection lies in the character’s internal journey. The character’s joy, pain, anger, trials and triumphs become yours when you experience the story.”
But why though?