I’ll Love Again Some Other Day


Dear you,

It has been a long wounded war! A purposeless respite from the torrent of twisted fables I know all too well. Alas, but only a year’s time has left me with sundry regrets.

The quill has always been close, and that is why my echoes have been inscribed here, though it seems foolish to my restless self:

Alluring signals fade all
Promises to another
Theirs of velvet scream
The silence of a watched soul
Heralds mark the beats 
Of lips parched from moist truth

A back stretched of stripes
From her coveted graces
Bear losses of his wonderous war
Hands, shaking this vortex of desire

To behold the wonder -
   My heart does plunder!
Beneath her tailored grace
As your eyes do widen
And your smile does brighten
For unequal elation does conquer
All love masked in the arrogant past

What affection kindled in the summer shining! What warmth spread across our two souls and bathed the earth as well!

Yet the autumn always brings a rush of cooler air. Its grey heart always chastises the brash minds.

Truth is, the season is ready. But there is a river run dry.  A desert stream lingering between the faint hope of another rare fulfilling and an imminent famine.

I will not water the soil, with what little I have left. I am, quite honestly,  too afraid to allow the summer relish to takeover again.

In these autumns I currently remain, watching as the masses dance in their summers.

Perhaps one day, I will love again.



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