This Year Beckons

What if life was like a grand story… well maybe it is?


“And so 2019 began.”

It seems so cliche to say 2018 flew by. Everywhere I turn people comment about the speed of time, reflecting on memories and planning new events and goals for 2019.

Indeed, as the past year finished it only seems appropriate to agree with the wise: time certainly does fly.

This past year played out like a story, like a drama on stage as onlookers and spectators gathered to watch everything unfold.

This year showed me how to grieve. It allowed me taste depravity and all its bitter fruits. Hearts were broken, lives were taken, and lies were spilled. But there were also new bonds, new friendships. New chapters in the grand story of my life were written. The drama of my life played out in scenes and acts of my daily existence.

This beautiful parallel is reflected in the story of present time – the curtain opens and closes as scenes commence and finish. As we recite our lines and seek to understand the social and personal scripts set before us, do we merely behold the spectacle as eye-witnesses, bearing testimony to all that we were actually supposed to experience? Or do we take center stage, actively living out the story we were meant to share with the world?

Time does not stop; 2019 is well on its way and continues to play forward.  The past year certainly can hinder the hidden joys and anticipations 2019 holds.

But if life is an immense story, then it was continues to be written. We must face forward. This does not mean forsake the past and all its affliction. Rather, a new chapter has begun. The curtain is opening on a fresh start. The stage is ready. The audience awaits.

But are we in the audience, or are we on stage? Are we allowing the events to slip by as we watch the scenes unfold, fumbling with our distractions and excusing ourselves from our personal duties? Or do we take our bold place on stage, ignoring the desire for ease and complacency and carrying on with the story we were meant to tell?

A story that can change lives.

The wise say time flies. And it does. The stage curtain of your life rises and falls. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset. The audience awaits.  The story has been written; the stage calls.

Live out the story you want to tell.



5 thoughts on “This Year Beckons

  1. I just wrote something similar in my last blogger comment; the older I get, the more precious time is to me, so I am fiercely protective of my time and my mind. I went as far as to just leave work before a meeting that I feel is a waste of my time and energy without formally asking. (I had told the boss nicely last week that every week, I am responsible for getting my daughter to a class which is an hour away. There is NO way I can get there if I don’t leave before the meeting. However, instead of asking, I nicely told her and just left 2 weeks in a row before the meeting started. In the past when I have asked something similar, I get a lecture, which is their guilt trip to pressure me to stay. I no longer want to hear it and my daughter is more important, so I will live with the consequences to be able to get her there. Like you said, life is short, so we need to spend our time doing what we know is most important.

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    1. I agree, life is short. I like how you have your priorities right. Not only does it benefit you, but it also benefits your daughter and it is something that has lasting value and will influence her. Your positive actions and decisions that you shared are so neat and inspiring. Keep it up and thank you so much for sharing 🙂


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