Music: your story


People always say “I love this song; it’s sooo ME!” And you probably can relate to them because you have that song (or two) that seem to understand your feelings, thoughts, emotions and situation. The songs describe you in ways you can’t. It’s your theme song.

When writing fiction, ask yourself what songs describe your characters and story. In other words, what lyrics explain the heart of your protagonist? What songs describe the heart of your message in your manuscript? What is your story’s theme song?

For instance, I use “Can You Hold Me” by NF (feat. Britt Nicole) to help me craft the theme of brokenness, sorrow, and martial strength in one of my stories. The song focuses on those aspects and helps when I’m trying to narrow my ideas for my story. Another well-know song, “Demons” by Imagine Dragons (do I hear an applause?) focuses on the idea of internal struggle and protecting a loved ones from inner demons. Perfect. My story’s primary message is all about that.

This can help with character development. The more elements you can find your character relating to and identifying with, the better.  What is your character’s theme song?

Instrumental is also perfect for finding inspiration. I particularly enjoy epic orchestral (for those who don’t know – think trailer music) because it really feels like it is telling a story in itself. It creates a strong emotional experience which, in the end, needs to happen in your story. There are many artists, bands, and music groups that work with epic orchestral music. In fact all you have to do is look up epic music on YouTube and there ya have it – hours and hours of music that will make you feel you can climb the Empire State Building, defeat anyone in a boxing match, run a marathon, conquer the First Order… and it might even turn your cat into a tiger.

The point is, it really gets the creative juices in your brain flowing, which is what you want. Music speaks volumes (no pun intended?) and use it to inspire your creative writing.

So put those headphones on. Close your eyes. Listen. Imagine. Be inspired.



Have any music suggestions for your fellow writers? Help each other out and leave your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

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