Life in Third Person

Ever lived life in third person, talking about yourself like you weren’t even around? Read what you can do with it to inspire your writing!


Ever live life in third person, talking about yourself like you aren’t even around? Maybe you’ll be doing something simple such as eating or walking down the hall, but you’re brain is narrating the events in a solemn voice, making everything more intense and epic.

For example, while eating grapes – brain: She took another grape but could barley taste it. The looming darkness remained in her mind, an eternal shadow that would never leave. She sat quietly, everything inside her dying while she tried to feed her languishing body some pathetic grapes.

This is commonly referred to as illeism and is attributed to stressful situations and a sometimes narcissistic response to those situations. It can be a way of escape, creating a secret world with someone (our brain in third person) who understands and effectively explains our dilemmas to the misunderstanding world.

I’m not saying this is at all healthy. In fact, I don’t recommend doing this 24/7. However, since you have, (or perhaps you know someone who has?) think about how it has affected you. As a narrator you were basically telling your own life story.

We all have stories (read “What’s your Story?”) to tell with our lives. Stories to show the world.

Whether you are a writer or not, think about life in third person and how you can use that to fan the flames for inspiration.  Again, talking and thinking in third person is not the healthiest thing to do (so please don’t do it), but use your past experiences to create beautiful and honest characters, stories, poems, etc. Let it be a way to evaluate your situations and values. Instead of allowing the pain in life to drag you down, use it to inspire your writing.



Rhia loves interacting with her readers! Share your opinions and thoughts about living life in third person today. 

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One thought on “Life in Third Person

  1. I think of myself in third person. How can I stop? I’ve tried forcing myself to think normally but it doesn’t work and feels unnatural.


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