What’s your story?


You know that feeling when you’re reading a captivating story and you cannot put the darn book down? Yes, it’s 3am, but that does not matter. The protagonist and their journey is all that matters.

If you’re like me, you find yourself immersed in a book and lost in the protagonist’s journey. You live, die, lose, win, fight and finally conquer with the main character. Their story envelopes you and their trials and victories become yours.  They have a story. And you read it eagerly.

You have a story, too. What are your victories, trials, and losses? You don’t know the end, just like Katniss never knew how the Hunger Games would turn out. You cannot predict tomorrow just like Harry could never predict who Snape would really turn out. Think about it. Your life is a grand storybook, pages still waiting to be written. What events and scenes in your life have you, the protagonist, overcome?

Recall the lowest point in the story, right before the hero takes up the sword – the moment of greatest struggling. They thought they would lose. They prepared to lose. They were momentarily defeated. And you? You felt that.

And in real life, we go through those moments all too often. We experience the bitter pain of defeat and the paralyzing stun of disappointment.

Do we take up the sword though? Do we complete the hero’s journey?

What is your story? What is your hero’s journey? You don’t know how it will end, but you can always take up the sword. All the heroes you love to read about – the pariahs, the knights, the chosen ones, the unwilling souls, the leaders, the civilians, the prophets, the maids, the mutants, the angels, the demons, the underdogs, the queens… what did they accomplish with their stories?

What will you accomplish with yours?

6 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. My story? I don’t think I can disclose all about my story here. But true, every life has it’s low points and also it’s heights.

    One of my low points out of which I struggeled up again was when I gave birth and lost more than two littres of blood. I could not walk for 1km. The first time I went out my husband almost had to get the car for the last 200m in order for me to get home. I had to start from an absolute zero point to get my condition back again. I walked every. single. day! And it helped. I got some condition back in just two months. And half a year later I ran a strong viking run!

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    1. Thank you for sharing you story! The amazing thing is that you have become victorious – you have picked up your sword and overcome the difficulty, despite the time it took and the fact that you had to start from zero. It’s neat that you can look back and see the strong victory has taken place! 🙂


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